Oldfield letter: 12.1.42

Mrs. V.E.Oldfield,
Sandsend,                        Capt JB Oldfield.
Near Whitby,                     “C” Company,
Yorks.                               5th. Bn. The Green Howards.
ENGLAND                        MIDDLE EAST FORCE.
January. 12. 42.

My dear Mum and Daddy –
First of all I must tell you how very proud and delighted I am to hear of Jumbo and her Bun – it is simply grand, and a boy too, could anything be better ? I really am more pleased than I can say about it and very relieved as like a B.F. I misunderstood your cable of Dec. 8th completely and thought it meant that one of you had been in hospital. Although I was expecting to hear of Jumbo – somehow I couldn’t connect the two and never realised there was no phrase in the code telling anyone they are an uncle ! However, I got both your airgraphs dated Dec 7 and 9 which

[page 2] arrived on January 6th and that was the first I really knew. Not until then did I realise the cable meant the same thing – I had a double whisky straight away – just to celebrate it ! I am still tickled to death and very proud of my Jumbo. I hope now you will understand why I never cabled my congrats – before. Will Lacy heard the same day that he is a father, so I had him and the Colonel in to dinner just to make merry.

Just a week ago a pile of airmail P/Cs to everyone but now find they were all understamped so you will not get them for ages, and there will be a gap I’m afraid, as I imagine they will all travel by surface mail.
I am now at Brigade working with the B.M. there and trying to learn up for my course at the Senior Staff School which starts in February until April 25.

[page 3] I am looking forward to it in many ways – it will be a change and a chance to get on, but I shall be sorry to leave the Bn. And particularly my Company – who quite honestly are the best in the Bn. I think, so do some others, And I am quite proud of them – as they are all my own and have improved. However, variety is the spice of life, and after having spent a fortnight on Bde. H.Q. I feel I could do with some spice. The above address – “C” Company, 5.G.H. still holds good until I cable you another one. In any case a lot can happen in a month !

Again, let me say how pleased I am for us all and I am writing to Jumbo now. Hope you will get this soon – will write again very soon – Until then,

Godbless and my love,
Yours ever
J.B.Oldfield Johnnie xx