Museum Talk: Hostile Environment

Thursday, January 30, 2020
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

George Fensome’s tragic story can now be told, thanks to his great niece making contact with the museum.

Instead of returning home at the end of the First World War, thousands of British soldiers, including 1300 Green Howards, were deployed to northern Russia.

Find out why they went, what they found there, and how they coped in such a hostile environment.  There’s murder, mutiny, epic journeys, divided loyalties and questionable motives.

Using personal archives from the museum’s collection this Museum Talk explores the complex positioning of ‘red’ versus ‘white’ at a time of enormous global social and political upheaval.  This Museum Talk accompanies our extended and updated special exhibition which has been made possible by the fabulous response from families who have come forward with new stories to tell and objects to loan.

Tickets available from the museum – call 01748 826561, or reserve online using the form below.

Please note, this Museum Talk starts at 6.30pm.


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