Stories in Silver

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
10:00 am - 3:30 pm

Join museum Director, Lynda Powell and former V&A silver specialist Helen Bainbridge in the museum’s Normanby Room for a silver study day.

The Green Howards Museum boasts an extensive collection of regimental silver: from scupltural centrepieces to elaborately embossed wine jugs. As an ensemble it is spectacular, but each piece taken on its own has a unique story to tell.

In this very special study day (10am to 3.30pm) we will be investigating the object biographies of selected pieces – from their birth at the point of design, through their manufacture in the workshop, their retail via some of the most glamorous of shops, to the men to whom these pieces were presented.

Session 1: Designing and Making

In a journey from elegant Neo-classicism via Victorian table sculpture to late Art Deco we will take a look at the design sources for the Green Howards silver. From here we will pursue its making from the craft workshops of India, using techniques that date back to the 3rd millennia BC, to the very latest technology harnassed by Elkingtons who pioneered the process of electroplating.

Session 2: Selling and Presenting

Some of the greatest names in the silver world are represented in the Green Howards collection, from the Langlands of Newcastle, to the glamour of the royal goldsmiths Garrards of Albemarle Street. We will explore suriviving accounts and advertising to reconstruct the moment of sale, and then follow the silver to its presentation, discovering the men and events that connect it to the Green Howards, and its arrival in the museum.


Session 3: Close Up

An opportunity to handle the silver, and learn from the objects themselves tracing marks of making, assaying and use.



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