For Valour: a history of the Victoria Cross

Thu, 25 April 2024 7pm

For Valour. Learn more about the history of the Victoria Cross at this Museum Talk.

Men serving with The Green Howards were awarded 18 Victoria Crosses, but how are these valuable medals made, and by whom? What are they made from?

It’s the 80th anniversary of D Day in 2024. The ONLY Victoria Cross awarded on D Day is in the museum collection, and on display in our Medal Room. Why are they so prized, and who collects them?

What are the criteria governing the award of a VC? Has anyone ever earned more than one, or been stripped of their medal? These and a host of other questions surrounding Britain’s highest award for gallantry will be covered in this Museum Talk.

Museum Talk tickets: £5. Booking essential. Call 01748 826561 or book online.

Type of event: Museum talk