Treasures in Store

Wed, 19 May 2021 - Thu, 23 December 2021

The secret life of a museum, uncovered, revealed and unwrapped. 

Our stores are a quiet, hidden world where objects sit, carefully cocooned, catalogued and concealed behind the scenes, waiting for their time to shine. From the spoils of war, plundered pieces and sentimental mementos to regulation kit, equipment and official logs and lists, plus intensely personal possessions, it’s all here.

This special exhibition puts the spotlight on objects from our collection which have rarely been on display. 

It’s their time to step out of the shadows as we explore their stories and their journey into our care. We meet the dedicated collectors from the regiment’s past and wonder what, in our digital, throwaway age, might be the prize museum piece of the future.

As part of your visit, you’ll be encouraged to look more closely at our permanent exhibition items on show in our galleries throughout the rest of the museum. We’ve created an origami guide helping you spot even more our  treasures – all of them hiding in plain sight!

Find out how to refold it with our handy video here.

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Gain an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes with a Stores Tour.  Your chance to see objects from our stores and explore the hidden world of acid free tissue paper, white cotton gloves and temperature controlled storage.  Our museum curator and director, Lynda Powell will reveal their treasures to you on this very special museum experience.  Find out more…


Type of event: Special exhibition