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Thu, 17 August 2023 7pm

Guest speaker, Simon Smith introduces us to the men of the regiment’s 6th (Service) Battalion during The First World War.

The Museum Talk will follow the Battalion from their raising and training to their storming of Lala Baba and beyond as part of the Gallipoli August Offensive in 1915.

The very first civilian recruits of Kitchener’s ‘New Army’ to go into action during the First World War, the talk will examine who the men of the Battalion were, when and why they enlisted, their training experiences and the extent to which this prepared them for battle and their performance in the uniquely hostile environment of Gallipoli.

Suvla bay soldiers

The 6th Battalion at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli. These soldiers looking after the washing are ‘batmen’ – officers’ servants.

“I believe these men have been unjustly represented and unfairly overlooked in much of the Gallipoli campaign literature,” says Simon. “This Museum Talk aims to restore them to the prominence they deserve, whilst contextualising how far they achieved ‘success’ in a campaign virtually preordained to fail.”

About your speaker…

Following a lifelong interest in the First World War, Simon recently completed a Masters degree in Britain and the First World War at University of Wolverhampton. His dissertation focused on the 6th (Service) Battalion of The Green Howards and, with the aid of research material provided by the museum and other archival sources, examined their progress from civilian recruits to Gallipoli veterans. Simon’s talk is based on this research. Just like the museum team, Simon is passionate about his subject – acknowledging that he feels he has come to know some of the soldiers through the course of his research and is duty bound to share their stories. Find out more about how we supported Simon during his research.

Tickets: £5. Booking essential. Call 01748 826561.

Type of event: Museum talk