Created in Conflict

Wed, 1 February 2023 - Fri, 14 April 2023

Our special exhibition, Created in Conflict showcases the artistic talents of soldiers who served, and explores the motivation for creative expression during traumatic times.

“Every line should be put in to express something.
Start sharply and finish sharply. Press on the paper.”
William G Newton, Military Landscape and Target Indication , 1916

The exhibition draws on the museum’s own extensive collection of creative work, bringing a whole range of sketches, watercolours, diagrams, cartoons and paintings together with selected poetry and prose.

Visitors to the exhibition will chart the process of creating art, and developing artistic skills, starting with the need for accurate reconnaissance mapping and draughtsmanship skills, moving to art as a weapon, a way of passing the time during long periods of enforced inactivity, as memorial and as a way of dealing with the trauma of war. Created in Conflict also includes a gallery of watercolour paintings by Mike Claydon, a medical officer currently attached to the Yorkshire Regiment.

Type of event: Special exhibition