Exhibition Talk: Winning with Laughter – Cartoonists and The Great War

Saturday, June 10, 2017
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Lucinda Gosling considers the role of the cartoon during the First World War and how this most light-hearted of illustration genres boosted morale and made sense of events during the years of conflict.

Looking at the careers of various artists including Bruce Bairnsfather and William Heath Robinson, she will also discuss how they found fame through their art and triggered a craze for drawing and cartooning that was to become an integral part of the WWI soldier’s experience.

Lucinda works at Mary Evans Picture Library.

She is author of several books on WWI illustration & cartoons including ‘Brushes & Bayonets’ (Osprey, 2008), ‘It’s All a Bit Heath Robinson (History Press, 2015) and ‘A Better ‘Ole’ (History Press, 2015).

Winning with Laughter has been arranged to form part of our Special Exhibition – Humour From Horror.  Winning with Laughter talk ticket holders will be able to view the exhibition on the evening of the event.

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